Recent Events

Junior Dance Off 2018
Thursday 1st February 2018 was a day filled with anticipation and excitement for children in the Medina dance club. These children worked hard for ten weeks as part of the ‘junior dance off’, which culminated in a performance at the Kings Theatre in Southsea. This year’s theme was ‘empowerment’ and each school performed with a different take on that theme.
Every single person on the Medina dance squad showed passion, enthusiasm and determination! Although some of the children were, without a doubt, nervous, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and as soon as it was over they wished they could do it again.
As a school, Medina won the trophy for ‘most swag’ and Desire was chosen by the coaches as the most ‘gifted and talented’ dancer and was praised for her effort and commitment every week at practises. Every child went away with a medal, certificate and overwhelming feeling of confidence and pride. Well done Medina – another amazing event! 

Lego Club - January 2018

100% Attendance
Congratulations to the following children for their incredible attendance - who were in every single day of the Autumn term!
Year R  Sally, India
Year 1  Tommy, Zachary, Kyran, Mason
Year 2  Lilly, William, Max, Lexie, Tyler, Alexis
Year 3  Jacey, Callum, Ryan, Keeley, Hope, Tofa, Sophie-J, Bradley, Hollie
Year 4  George B, Delilah, Henley, Ethan, Ben
Year 5  Jayden, Louis, Chloe F, Ethan, Rowan
Year 6  Harlee, Desire, Cameron, Jack